Inside the mind of an INFJ

What is an INFJ? Well it’s a personality type from the Myer-Brigg’s Personality test and it stands for Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judgement. Out of all the personality traits under the Myer-Brigg’s test, it is the most rare, making up for about 2% of the population. INFJs are usually highly empathic, introverted creatures, wrestling with the existential meaning of life on their daily commute to work and enjoying nature.

Now while the Myer-Brigg’s has little scientific backing, it is the most popular and widely used personality test in psychology and business. Millions of people who use the Myer-Brigg’s test find the personality description often accurate and illuminating, in somewhat a subjective sense.

So what is an INFJ? I’m not going to go into the official description of the INFJ personality type, rather I’m going to provide a subjective description of what it’s like to be an INFJ…

Alone Time is Oxygen…

That’s right…alone time is the equivalent of breathing for INFJs. That does not mean to say that we don’t crave social encounters and meaningful relationships with others – they are as essential to our well-being as is being alone. However, like ying and yang, there needs to be a balance.

Social encounters should be 1 to 2 people at a time max…

The most meaningful, intellectual and soul-fulfilling conversations that an INFJ can have is when they are meeting with, ideally just one friend, max two! Any more than that can become sensory overload for INFJs. As INFJs hate small talk, their social engagement needs to have the right ratio of people to engage in meaningful (often deep) discussion.

INFJ’s have wicked senses of humour…

If you are adverse to dark or wicked senses of humour…then an INFJ type may not be your cup of tea. INFJs are quirky, quick and sharp witted, smart and given the right crowd will nail the underlying truth with humour. They frequently laugh at their own jokes.

INFJs don’t like being told that they’re smart….but they’re really smart…

INFJs cringe at compliments, especially when it comes to the intellect. Most INFJs are humble, quietly intelligent…and don’t really like other people to know about it. The INFJ intellect is somewhat similar to the intellect described of the house of Ravenclaw in Harry Potter…they think outside the box, they don’t look at problems the same way as most people, and their solutions are always creative. They can see things that other people are oblivious too, often on a more philosophical level. This is not to say that INFJs are up themselves…they know in the wise words of Socrates, that they know absolutely nothing.

Dating is a horrendous endeavor…

Ugh…dating! It’s awful, isn’t it? You might as well be in The Hunger Games, trying to navigate, dodge and survive the ordeal. Dating involves chit-chat, small talk, trying to portray how you are….(all the things INFJs hate). The ideal date for an INFJ? A cosy environment, with minimal noise, warm lighting, a book case somewhere, hot chocolate and meaningful conversation.

They are creative creatures…

INFJs are creative, innovative and often entrepreneurial. They like to lay down their own path and go it alone. INFJs are the lone wolf, following their own path and not afraid to venture off the beaten track.

They are extremely loyal…

If you have an INFJ friend, count yourself lucky. They are fiercely loyal, life-long friends. They have your back and will stick by you through thick and thin.

Sense of direction not included…

Unfortunately, a sense of direction doesn’t seem to be included in the INFJ set of traits. North, South, East, West could be anywhere!

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