Your Creative Genie

Everyone has a dream or an image in their mind about how they would like their life to pan out. Everyone has a dream or a secret on how they want to express themselves in the world. That beautiful dream is like a seed that hasn’t yet been buried in the earth to grow. It’s an idea, often one that tugs constantly at the heart, as though it’s saying “come on, lets begin”.

So what holds people back from planting that seed, trusting in their dream and letting it grow? Often times it’s the fear that when you begin the process, such as starting a new project or business, that you won’t be any good at it and that it will fail. The fear is that the process or outcome of the dream will come crashing down, like a veil of illusion. However, what most people don’t realise, is that in the beginning stages, failure will happen. This is inevitable. This stage is unfortunately where most people become disillusioned and give up. Sometimes, they are so afraid of this point, that they don’t even begin.

So really, the problem isn’t in finding a dream or knowing what your calling is, it’s in assessing your expectations of the whole process. 90% of the work is in trying, trying and trying again. It’s in the failure that success grows. The seed is the idea, the rich soil is the trial and error of failure, and the flower that eventually comes through is the growth of success.

Success is not just down to trial and error or hard work. Success is down to allowing and not restricting the creative genie within. Everyone has a creative genie inside of them…it’s the idea that pops out all of a sudden while you’re distracted, relaxed and not attached to an outcome. It’s your intuitive guide. Being attached to an outcome is a lot of pressure, and no one can function creatively like that. Creative expression is the stillness of the mind – it’s in the embrace of that inner trust, intuition and detachment, that we can fully allow ourselves to drift and be open to new ideas and solutions.

Following your dream, goal or path (whatever you want to call it) is a pact with yourself where you will fail, learn, grow and succeed. You cannot have success without failure, and you also can not have failure without eventual success. Trusting in this can be scary, especially if you are used to playing it safe.

So what’s the risk of playing it safe? The risk is is that nothing will change. If nothing changes, then nothing grows. This isn’t to say that you need to make drastic changes in your life, but that it’s okay to begin. Start small, but be totally on board with those changes. You can’t have one foot on the boat leaving the harbor, and the other on the pier. So decide whether you’ll have both feet in which camp, and start small. But give yourself permission to start the process of beginning your new project, goal, business, whatever it may be.

You don’t have to tell anyone about your new goal, hobby or project. You don’t need permission from anyone outside of yourself. There’s less pressure that way and there’s also potentially less negative input from others. What you will need is a journal to write down your ideas, collect material that you need to begin and last of all just begin. Trust that you know yourself better than anyone else, and that you can do it.

Finally, adults need to develop a growth mindset just as children do, especially when it comes to trying something new. You will fail. And that’s okay. You’re meant to fail. But you’re also meant to try and try again and not give up. You will succeed eventually. You may not know how to do something yet, but eventually you will and eventually you will become good at it. And when you’re really good at failing and detachment from the outcome, that’s when the creative genie will emerge and growth and success will be yours.

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