Why I love the film ‘Unicorn Store’ so much!

In the first scene of the film ‘Unicorn Store’ you witness Kit perform a self portrait, and have her beautiful Unicorn inspired artwork be rated as ‘poor’ by the judges. One of those judges, as you find out later in the movie, made his name in art by being the “first artist to ever put a stick in a box”. And therein lays the paradox of modern society – you have original, creative, soulful art untarnished by conformism versus the ‘mainstream’ idea of a bland and acceptable form of self expression.

This movie is revolutionary for all those who have ever been made to feel like ‘misfits’ their entire lives. Whether you are an introvert, creative, highly sensitive person, on the spectrum or somehow different, you will relate in someway to this movie. There have been a lot of negative reviews about this film and one can only imagine that those individuals are the ones who have always fitted in to the mainstream ideal at school, University and beyond. They can’t relate to the film and that’s okay, because (in my view) it’s not made for them!

During school I felt as though I never fitted in. I was bullied in primary school and often excluded. During high school I would save myself from having to embark in the social dance of small talk by escaping to the library. Everyone thought I was a clever nerd because I loved the library, when I actually just had to get away from people. I was a highly sensitive, creative, imaginative and introverted child and I couldn’t understand or fit in to the mainstream social structure of school. I loved and craved meaningful social interactions, however, they were few and far between.

As my school years progressed, I learned to fake it at high school, University and of course in adult life. But faking it to make it, only serves everyone else except of course, you. This is why I love Kit in the Unicorn Store – she’s completely and utterly herself, to the point her self-integrity is practically a virtue! She can’t fake it even when she tries and she’s completely devoted to whatever is in alignment to her own heart. She loves painting sparkly rainbows and glittery Unicorns and she’s totally convinced that she’s receiving a Unicorn from “THE salesman”. She wants to learn all about their dietary requirements, their needs and of course learn to be ‘the right sort of girl’ for her Unicorn.

As Kit finds out, being the right sort of girl is about creating space for who you are, maintaining positive and loving thoughts and keeping company who genuinely believe in you. All of these requirements facilitate Kit coming out of her shell and being in alignment with who she is. She doesn’t have to fit in, because she’s not meant to.

How many of us creative, imaginative, introverted and sensitive souls out there still believe we have to fit in? What would life look like if you dared to be different and true to who you are? What some small changes could you begin to make where you start to accept your beautiful and unique self?

Dare to be different, dare to be brave and dare to create your own sparkly, glittery life!

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